The Ultimate Tennis Equipment List for Budding Professionals (Part 2)

Tennis shoes

There are a few elements that might impact your decision of choosing tennis shoes. You will need to consider your level of ability, your playing style, the surface of your preferences and your own personal comfortability before making final decision.

When you play on the courts, you must make frequent and rapid movements and stops as well as short sprints in many different directions. Tennis shoes are created to withstand this type of movements during a game.

If you play on hard courts, pairs with more cushioning in the heel area are the best, while in soft court, players should choose flatter shoes. For beginners, you should check tennis shoes are those having patterned grips on the soles which help prevent slipping without interfer movement across the court.

If you are a baseline champion, a shoe with lateral support is much better, while shoes with stronger toecaps is the best for net players who move forward from the serve.

Tennis clothes

When selecting tennis clothing, you will need to consider your practical requirements with your fashion needs. Obviously, you want to look stylish on the court but not at the expense of sacrificing your performance. As a result, you need to select clothes that give your body comfortable in whatever conditions and court that you play.

Once again, the external environment will impact your choice of shirt, shorts or skirt. Players in warm weather will choose different clothes than players from colder environment.

You want a shirt that allows you to move freely without being too tight or too loose and you want to make sure that the material give you fresh and dry. Try light cotton combined with other breathable material.

Female players, will often choose a one-piece dress or mix a shirt with a skirt or skirts with built-in shorts.

In a cold environment, player can wear another layer during the warm-up period then remove them once the match begins.