Nadal is waiting to hold a bunch of unprecedented records

Defeating Djokovic to win the Roland Garros 2020 championship, Nadal broke countless personal records. Notably, there are 13 noble titles on clay, 100 wins in this tournament, and also the 999th in his career.

But the most important thing, the Spaniard has balanced Roger Federer’s record of 20 Grand Slam titles and widened the gap with Djokovic to 3 titles. With the spirit of excitement and fitness, AS magazine believes “Gaur” is full of confidence towards the goals ahead.

Nadal defeated Djokovic to win the Roland Garros 2020 championship

The king of Grand Slam title

After having the 20th Grand Slam in Paris, Nadal will certainly not stop. The chance for the Spaniard to surpass Federer to become the player with the highest number of titles in tennis is clearer than ever.

At that time “Express Train” was 39 years old, and time was supporting Nadal when he was 34 years old and there was no sign of stopping. Just adding 1 Grand Slam, the Spaniard will officially become the new “king” of the world ball village.

1000 wins

Just completed 100 victories on clay, but Nadal lacks 1 more match to set a record of 1000 victories in his career. Fortunately, the Paris Masters tournament which runs from October 31st to November 8 will be a great opportunity for Nadal to accomplish this goal.

Also in his career, Nadal has just added the 86th title but is still behind Jimmy Connors (109), Federer (103), and Ivan Lendl (94).

Conquer ATP Finals

It’s hard to believe that the ATP World Tour Finals, or now the ATP Finals, have never once named Nadal on the yellow board, although the Spaniard reached the final in 2010 (lost to Roger Federer) and 2013 (lost to Novak Djokovic ). That is why at the end of the year with a high form after the Roland Garros championship will be the perfect opportunity for Nadal to conquer the title missing in his career.

Back to number 1 in the world

Nadal held the number 1 position in the world for a period of 209 weeks. Despite having just won the championship in Paris, Nadal is still 1,890 points behind Djokovic.

According to the calendar year-end, the Nadal will be able to close the gap, but things will still be decided at the Australian Open next year.

ATP 1000 title

After skipping Cincinnati and the Rome Masters, Nadal let Djokovic pass the ATP 1000 (35 – 36) title number. Therefore, the Paris Master tournament will be an opportunity for Nadal to find a way to level off with his opponent.