Daniil Medvedev as a stereotypical tennis player (Part 1)

Possessing amateur-looking shots, but Daniil Medvedev, born in 1996, a Russian, reached the semi-finals without losing a set in the US Open 2020.

Medvedev and Dominic Thiem reminded fans of Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. Medvedev’s strengths are psychological, tactical, counterattack, and backhand, like Djokovic. And Thiem is considered “Clay Prince”, with nasty swirls like Nadal.

They are also the two remaining players of the tournament each reached the Grand Slam final. In the other branch, Pablo Carreno Busta and Alexander Zverev will compete for the Grand Slam final ticket of their career. If Carreno lacks deadly blows, Zverev has not shown stability. Number two and number three seeds – Thiem and Medvedev – remain candidates for the 9th Grand Slam title.

Thiem – Medvedev is considered the early final of the US Open 2020

Medvedev is an almighty player, not to reveal weaknesses. With a height of 1m98, he polished straight (flat) and deepest at ATP. On the way to the 2019 Cincinnati Masters championship, Medvedev has always beaten more than anyone. His rate of over-durable polishing is on average 85%, 6% more than his competitors.

Tennis TV statistics for more than 100 ATP players in 2018 show that Medvedev’s average topspin and backhand are 2,225 and 1,300 rpm, respectively. His left shot was straight behind Lucas Catarina and Mikhail Kukushkin. This index of Thiem is 3,175 and 2,425 rounds per minute, respectively, approximately Nadal.

Medvedev possesses the most exotic forehand shot at ATP. If you only look at Medvedev’s move of the racquet, few people think he has won seven ATP titles. Every time he finishes a shot, his hand goes completely to the back of his neck in the traditional way, not over his head like most players. His left kick usually does not swing the racquet fully, his standing position is also abnormal.

Medvedev’s forehand does not stand out, while the left-back damage is higher. In the match at the ATP Finals 2019 against Medvedev, Tsitsipas did not dare serve the second ball to the left of the opponent. Medvedev’s left kick is always a fear of opponents. It is part of helping him counterattack in urgent situations.