Type of tennis courts (Part 1)

The U.S. Open, Wimbledon, and the French Open are the major tennis tournaments of the world, and each of which is played in different types of tennis courts such as hard courts at the U.S. Open, grass courts at Wimbledon, and clay courts at the French Open. Each of which affects the speed and style of players because some surfaces are better suited to certain styles than others.  Rafa Nadal is considered as the king of clay court while Roger Federer is considered unbeatable in grass. The type of tennis court can alter the ball’s speed, spin, and player’s movability around the court. That’s why tennis players must get familiar with different types of tennis courts in order to win, especially with young advanced tennis players to know which court best suits their style at the same time, improving their skills.

In this post, we will talk about different types of tennis courts.

Types of tennis courts

Grass courts

Grass courts aren’t very commonly founded for recreational purposes. It’s more common found in the professional circuit because grass is so difficult to maintain. The grass surface can be very slippery which makes the ball bounce up faster and nearer to the ground. One of the Grand Slam tournament – the Wimbledon – is organized in the UK which is the most popular destination for grass court tennis.

Clay courts

Clay courts are more commonly found than grass courts especially in Europe and South America. Although the surface is not exactly made of clay, but other materials. Red clay courts are made of crushed brick while green clay courts are made of metabasalt. On clay courts, balls bounce completely different compared to grass courts which is slower and higher and suitable for strong baseline players who play with a lot of topspin. Another core characteristic is the players’ ability to slide and hit the ball while still in motion. The French Open which takes place in France is played on clay courts.