The Ultimate Tennis Equipment List for Budding Professionals (Part 4)


There are times that a cap or visor can not protect you from direct sunlight and you may find yourself in need of a good pair of sunglasses. If you are about to wear sunglasses, you should make sure that you select a pair that remains firmly and stable in place during hard exercise. Your regular street shades just won’t work.

Once again, it is critical that any accessories you wear do not reduce your performance results. So pick a pair that from a reputable sports manufacturer that are designed specifically for court use. Besides, you must choose a pair of tennis sunglasses that being able to provide sufficient UV protection, and scratch resistant as well as shatterproof. The best material for nose grips is silicone which provide much more comfortable and will prevent the glasses from slipping down your nose during play. There are even lenses manufactured to obscure all colors with the exception of the bright yellow of the tennis balls.

Wrist bands

Wrist bands is another useful method of keeping sweat running into your eyes while playing. Some players always wear wristbands no matter they are wearing a cap and headband or not. But that is not mandatory, player should wear whatever makes them feel the most comfortable .

As well as being useful for protecting your brow, tennis wristbands can also keep sweat from your arms reaching your palms.

First aid kit

Another critical item on your tennis equipment list is a first aid kit. Nobody wants to be injured while having fun playing tennis but it can happen and no one could foresee. Hence, you should always be prepared. Whether you need to cure a few blisters or fix  a sprained ankle, your first aid kit will allow you to deal with issues on the spot, shorten your recovery time in the process.

Tennis ball machine

This is the item on your tennis equipment list that is too big to fit into your kitbag but still very useful if you are serious about improving your skills. A tennis ball machine is supporting tool that delivers accurate balls across the court so that you can practice your stroke hitting skill.