The Ultimate Tennis Equipment List for Budding Professionals (Part 3)

Tennis Headgear

If you play tennis outdoor, you should store some headgear into your bag. Exposing under direct sunlight is not fun but caps, visors or simply a headband can make your life easier by protecting your face from sunburn and preventing sweat from running into your eyes and affecting your game.

Water bottles

Staying hydrated is a critical part of any game and you should always ensure that you bring plenty of water bottles in your kit bag.

Energy beverage and energy bars

Similar to water, energy beverages can help you to stay hydrated and give you a vital energy boost. If your game last more than half an hour, it is essential to keep some energy drink handy. In case you need an energy boost but don’t want to take any more liquid, have some energy bars which help to keep any hunger pangs at minimum during your sessions.


You should always bring a couple of towels which are used to remove any uncomfortable sweat from your face, neck or hands. Keeping your grip as dry as possible will enable you to perform better for longer. You can also use a towel to dry out sweat on your head between games to protect yourself from the sun! 

Most tennis equipment manufacturers produce towels especially for tennis which are lightweight, highly absorbent and relatively cheap. Having a few dedicated tennis towels  handy is much better than your regular bathroom towels.

Sun cream

The importance of sun cream or sunscreen is obvious, even on cooler days  as direct sunlight can damage to your skin. Besides, sunburn can impair your eyes, decline your performance and make you dehydrated which increase the danger of suffering from sunstroke and end up in hospital.

Besides, wearing sun protection cream, players should take regulars breaks and sit in the shade to recharge your energy.