Many tennis layers demanded more Grand Slam prizes

ATP Council of Players players, Novak Djokovic wants the organizers of four Grand Slams to raise the prize fund. Marca information reported on 29/4 said Djokovic was on behalf of colleagues at the system proposed to the organizers of the Grand Slam tournament about increasing the total prize money.

The Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open have all increased their bonuses steadily in recent years. But according to the players, the prize fund is not enough for them to be satisfied and far below the revenue of the tournament.

In the Australian Open 2020, the tournament’s revenue is nearly $ 220 million but the total “prize” is only 49.2 million. This bonus fund actually increased by 14% compared to last year. In terms of total prize money, the Australian Open ranked third of the four Grand Slams, inferior to Wimbledon (49.5 million) and the US Open (57 million).

The main purpose of the recent increase in prize money in Melbourne is to assist early exit players. Those who lost the first qualifying round received $ 13,850, while the players eliminated from the first round received $ 62,334 – the highest of the four Grand Slams.

This award increased by 20% over the same period last year. The sharp increase in prize money for early dismissal players is also what Djokovic most desires, as many of his colleagues are struggling because of Covid-19.

Professional tennis activities stopped until at least mid-July, causing players outside the top 100 to face financial difficulties. Djokovic, Federer and Nadal have raised funds to support low-ranking players.

Initially, “Big Three” was intended to support players with a rank of 250 to 700, but then dropped from 150-500. Each player in this group is expected to receive around $ 10,000 in support.

Djokovic is leading the prize money in tennis history, with $ 143.6 million. Andy Murray, who ranked fourth on the list with 61.6 million, thinks differently about the prize money at the Grand Slam.