Learn about the Grand Slam tournaments of the year (Part 1)

For professional tennis players, the Grand Slam tournament is the arena everyone wants to reach. Especially for fans of felt tennis, the athlete who won this title will become their idol as well as the pride of the tennis village.

Join us to learn more about the Grand Slam tournaments of the year and how to calculate the Grand Slam!

What are 4 Grand Slam awards for the year?

4 Grand Slam tournaments are considered the most important tournaments of the year in the world of tennis. The four Grand Slams of the year provide information to the vast majority of spectators as well as ratings and bonuses. 4-place champions are also called Grand Slam titles.

French Open tennis tournament

The French Open is the 2nd of four Grand Slams in the year. The tournament usually takes place around the second half of May and early June is held in Paris, France.

This is the biggest clay court tournament in the world. Similar to the Australian Open or Wimbledon tournaments, the French Open tennis tournament operates in the form of 5 sets winning 3 (for men’s singles) and 3 sets winning 2 (for women’s singles).

There will be no tie-breaker in the last period (except for the US Open). In addition, the tournament also featured doubles, mixed doubles and mixed doubles. This is considered a tournament that requires extreme physical foundation.

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Australian Open tennis tournament

The Australian Open is one of the first tennis tournaments of the year. The tournament took place at the end of January in Melbourne and was organized by the Lawn Tennis Association of Australia (LTAA).

Like the Grand Slam tournaments, the Australian Open rules also have a set of 5 sets of 3 wins and 3 sets of 2 wins for men and women. There is also mixed content for men and women and former celebrities.

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