Federer wants to conquer this dream tournament before retiring

Roger Federer revealed about the end of his career that surprised many people. At the age of 39, he is yearning for achievements in a tournament that he is not full of joy.

Roger Federer has been playing tennis since 1998, after more than two decades of playing professionally Swiss tennis players have won all their glory at professional tennis tournaments, the most impressive of which is the 20 Grand Slam.

With the trauma and age burden of the man who is about to turn 40 years old, what the audience is concerned about is that “Express Train” will continue to play or decide to retire.

Federer claimed to be at the end of his career but could play for two more seasons

The world press has spent a lot of ink to talk about the issue of the retirement of Federer, the Swiss tennis player has repeatedly expressed his desire to play until it is impossible.

Federer has recently been able to return to training, but there has been no announcement that he will be returning to play because the player previously announced that he will retire by 2020 to treat injuries.

Fans still believe that Federer still aspires to the Grand Slam title as well as the Olympic gold medal. Federer currently has 20 Grand Slams, but he has only won the Olympic men’s doubles, the 38-year-old still lacks the Olympic men’s gold medals.

Federer wants to attend the Tokyo Olympics

Roger Federer wants his fifth Olympics, after missing an appointment for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Federer will reach the age of 40 if attending the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. He had knee surgery in February this year and is almost unable to attend any tournament for the rest of 2020.

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Federer won the men’s doubles gold medal with Stan Wawrinka. Four years later, he won the men’s singles medal for the first time when he reached the final and only lost to host Andy Murray. The Swiss legend wants to once again step on the podium to win the Olympics, even without the extra Grand Slam from the 2018 Australian Open.